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by | Oct 7, 2015 | Real Estate

Online real estate education courses are both rigorous and flexible. Courses are offered to provide you with the tools and resources you need to begin or extend a career in real estate. While traditional live courses make sense for those with time and scheduling flexibility, online courses can accommodate those without those availabilities. Online real estate education courses provide the feel of enrolling in a live class with the added flexibility of your own schedule. Often people choose careers in real estate because of their interest in the market as well as the appeal of setting their own hours. Therefore, it makes sense to find a course that allows you to manage your own time.

Initial Steps

The first course needed to begin a career in real estate is the relicense course. This class will take about 120 hours to complete and will cover everything that you will need to know in order to obtain the licensing education certificate. This course will include audio and video presentation for a thorough learning experience. You will be given PDF access to state to general textbooks that cover both national real estate law and state-specific real estate law. Textbooks may also be purchased. Chapter quizzes are issued so that you can stay on top of exactly what information should be retained per lesson. To ensure that your online experience is supported, instructors can be accessed via phone or through email. Some instructors might also be accessed in person during standard business hours.

The State Exam

You can rest assured that your enrollment in online real estate education courses will provide you as much preparation as possible for the state exam. This licensing exam is designed to test your understanding of the real estate market as well as estate principles. It is proven that students who have taken online courses have consistently received higher marks on these tests than the state average. A large majority will pass the exam on their first try.

Beginning Your Career

Your online courses will prepare you to take the next steps necessary in beginning your career. After having passed the state exam, you can apply to the Division of Real Estate to receive your real estate license. Once this is obtained, you will be ready to find a broker that may be able to help you begin your career. Another advantage of online real estate courses is that some have partnered with brokers and can help you make the connections necessary to succeed.

Online real estate education courses are efficient and productive. Choosing online real estate education courses means investing in a bright future. Visit and start your path to a career in real estate

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