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Benefits of a Trained Rescue Team

You may not think about it often, but your workplace is dangerous. If you work in an industrial setting, there’s an increased risk associated with your shifts. You have the basic safety precautions in place, but what else can you be doing for the safety of your workers? Training a confined space rescue team is an important way to increase the safety of your workplace.

Confined Spaces

Your workplace has at least a few confined spaces you might not have considered before. Any closets, small storage spaces, tunnels, or other spaces small enough to create limited mobility are confined spaces. These spaces create the opportunity for a worker to get injured or otherwise stuck without being able to get out of the space. This is especially dangerous when the space has dangerous gasses or liquids present.


Professionals can train a team of your normal workers in how to rescue workers trapped in confined spaces. They get extra training for how to handle the situation when harmful gasses and such are present. If their training is refreshed over time, you always have a team of prepared individuals on hand should an accident happen.

Faster Rescue

Even if emergency services are contacted immediately, it takes some time for them to reach your workplace. An in-house, trained rescue team provides faster rescue for your worker. As soon as they realize an employee is stuck, they can begin attempting to save them. If the employee is injured, this way they are out and ready to receive medical help by the time medical professionals arrive. If the injury is a vital one, the saved time could mean the difference between life and death.

Safer Workers

Training a team for confined space rescue makes all of your workers safer. Accidents and unfortunate things happen in life, but you can prepare for them. Faster rescue times can mean the difference between life and death or serious injury, so consider choosing the better option for your workplace.

If you want to train a confined space rescue team in your workplace, contact Code Red Safety. Find them online at visit website.

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