Benefits of Laser Genesis Resurfacing Treatments

Laser Genesis Rejuvenation treatment uses advanced science in order to promote evenly toned, smooth skin in both men and women. The system will penetrate deep into the second layer of skin tissue in which collagen is produced in order to stimulate a boost in new formation of collagen. Laser Genesis treatment assists in reducing the look of scars, minor wrinkles, enlarged pores, and uneven facial textures.

What skin conditions might Laser Genesis treat?

Laser Genesis will improve the overall look of skin in areas like the neck, chest, and face. Laser Genesis efficiently decreases the look of red splotches and acne scars and might be safely utilized along with additional dermal treatments like chemical peels.

How is it different than additional laser treatments?

Before fractional resurfacing systems like Laser Genesis there were just two kinds of available laser treatments. One was ablative (affecting the skin’s surface) and non-ablative (not affecting the skin’s surface yet acting upon its deep tissue).

Ablative laser treatments utilize vapor at high temperatures, which are extremely effective and possess minimal side effects yet require a long healing time. Non-ablative treatments possess minimal side effects and pretty much no healing time yet require repeated treatments over several months to accomplish desired results. Thereby fractional laser treatments like Genesis skin rejuvenation provide the effectiveness of ablative treatments paired with the advantages of non-ablative systems.

What can be expected within a session?

Laser Genesis generates a warming sensation within treatment which many individuals have reported as enjoyable and pleasant. This warm sensation continues on for around 30 minutes post-procedure and sometimes may be accompanied by a small tingling feeling and instant skin tightening sensation.

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