Benefits Offered by Water Jetting in Reno NV

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Plumbers and Plumbing

When a homeowner needs to clean their drains, they may be tempted to head to the store and purchase the first bottle of drain cleaner they come across. However, this isn’t a smart thing to do. The fact is, these store-bought, chemical-laden drain cleaners often contain acidic mixtures that can cause significant damage to the interior of the pipes. They may also produce toxic fumes and leave behind toxic residue. It is best to leave these drain cleaners at the store and call a plumber for water jetting in Reno NV.

There are several benefits offered by this drain cleaning option. Learn more about each of these benefits here.

Ability to Remove Virtually any Clog

Because of the intense force produced by a hydro-jetter, virtually any type of clog can be removed. Even the most adamant blockage won’t be able to stand up to the significant amount of pressure that is produced. This process can remove a number of obstructions that even motorized drain snakes have issues with.

Safe for the Home’s Pipes

Another reason to use Water Jetting in Reno NV is because unlike chemical cleaners, or even a number of mechanical devices, no damage will occur. The water is pressurized, which means that the pipes are not rubbed or exposed to any dangerous chemicals.

Comprehensive Cleaning

Cleaning methods, such as drain snakes, are only going to be able to handle large clogs. However, a hydro-jetter will clean the entire drainpipe and blast away all the deposits that have built up on the walls. There are different types of attachments that can be used to ensure a plumber can reach all the nooks and crannies of a drainpipe. This means that no spot will be able to escape the cleansing power of the jet.

Homeowners should not try to handle clogs in their drains on their own if they are unsure of what to do. This will help ensure that the desired results are achieved without any damage or other issues to the plumbing system.

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