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Berber Carpet Has A Number of Advantages

Berber carpet is one of the flooring options offered by Mohawk Carpet in Phoenix; Berber has a number of distinct advantages over other carpet styles. In the past Berber carpets were thought of mostly for commercial installations and they still are very popular in offices, school classrooms and other areas that are subjected to a lot of pedestrian traffic. Over the years Mohawk Carpet in Phoenix have redesigned Berber carpet, this carpet now offers greater style and yet still retains its hard wearing characteristics, it is now a great option for use in a home. Of course this type of carpet can be used in any room but it is best suited for playrooms, basement recreation rooms, home offices, etc.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of Berber carpet is its durability; this carpet will fight off wear and stands up well when installed in high traffic areas or areas where there is a lot of activity. Berber is a loop-pile carpet; often it is produced with flecks of dark threads on a somewhat lighter primary background. Berber carpets are normally made from nylon or olefin, both man made fibers that are quite dense, considerably more so than other loop or plush carpets.

Due to the materials that are used in its production, vacuuming leaves no tell tale signs, it also resists footprints all of which helps this Mohawk Carpet to appear newer, longer. This carpet is reasonably stain resistant especially when it is pre-treated prior to installation. Liquid stains can pose a problem as the liquid absorbs into the dense fibers. In the event of a large stain it is recommended that a professional carpet cleaner be brought in as they have specialized equipment that allows them to better deal with the stain.

Another major advantage to Mohawk Carpet in Phoenix is the price. Berber carpets are often less expensive in counterparts of the same grade in plush or high-pile. Of course, Berber carpets made from wool or camel hair are exceedingly expensive but yard for yard, Berber is hard to beat.

For specific rooms and specific budgets Berber Mohawk Carpet in Phoenix can be the best choice, it is hard wearing and if maintained will last for many years. The only real downside to Berber is that it is not as soft as plush but when durability is more important than form, Berber carpets are hard to beat.

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