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Bowling Toys That Your Kids Will Love

Not all bowling toys are the traditional 10-pin set. In fact, you can find bowling setsdesigned for kids as young as toddlers, all the way up to novelty sets for teens. More importantly, you can find these toys in small table sizes for on-the-go fun, or sizes that border the absurd.

It’s your playtime: choose the bowling toys that your kids will love.

Table Bowling Toys

Both children and adults can enjoy the smallest toys on this list. Table bowling sets are miniaturized versions of bowling alleys, pins, and the ball. You can find these in your local toy store or online. Table bowling sets are a perfect indoor, rainy day activity on the days when setting up the entire bowling pin set is a hassle. Some sets provide a ball launcher, and others allow you to flick the ball in the direction of the miniature pins. Even adults can enjoy this bowling toy at their desk, for a small game thrill in the middle of the workday.

Inflatable Bowling Toys

Is your apartment strapped for space? Try giving your children inflatable bowling toys. The pins and bowling ball are easy to set up and pack away in home where space is limited. Enjoy the full functionality of a game of bowling without struggling to find a place to store the toys afterwards.

Plush Bowling Toys

Are your kids younger? Do you have a toddler that loves to roll around a ball? Encourage their hand-eye coordination and motor development with plush bowling toys. Plush bowling sets are perfect for little hands who like to grab soft toys. Your toddler can roll the ball at a set of age-appropriately decorated pins.

Bowling Toys with Unique Pins

Have you seen the bowling sets with pins made of nuns? Or frogs? Possibilities are endless, and there are plenty of vendors both online and in-store that offer novelty bowling sets which feature unique designs for the pins. Children can enjoy pins with themes from their favorite movies or favorite animal, and adults will get a small giggle at the plethora of gifts available.

Bowling Themed Toys

Who says that all bowling toys require a ball and pins? You and your child may not want to fiddle with as many parts as a traditional bowling set, but you will never have to be far away from the game you love with toys like bowling-themed paddleballs, puzzles, craft kits, and key chains.

Plastic Bowling Toys

A list about bowling toys wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the traditional 10-pin bowling set. Although a real bowling pin an alley is a standard 15 inches tall and can weigh up to three pounds and six ounces, the toy version of the beloved game is usually made of plastic so that little hands won’t get hurt during set-up and take-down of the pins. You can find plastic 10-pin sets with plastic balls at eight inch and five inch heights. Choose the size that’s perfect for your little one.

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