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Budget Options for Heating Oil in Groton CT

Budget Options for Heating Oil in Groton CT

Purchasing Heating Oil in Groton CT on an as-needed basis during the winter can get very expensive. Oil prices fluctuate throughout the season, winters in Connecticut can be long and brutally cold, and paying for a tank of oil when it is delivered can cost a few hundred dollars. Most average families cannot handle that much of a spike in the monthly budget for almost half the year. Heating oil companies offer budget options to help families, and businesses, manage the expense of heating their spaces. Some companies offer a standard ten-month payment plan that allows families to spread out the expense, rather than paying for it all at once.

Experienced oil companies offer a variety of budget options in order to accommodate people’s budgets, needs, and preferences. One option is the standard ten-month payment plan that typically begins in September and continues through June. The payment is the same each month, so families can budget the expense. A price cap budget plan spreads out payments, but also protects participants from rising oil prices. The price per gallon is set at a specific amount, and will not rise even if the price per gallon goes above that contracted level. If the pricing goes lower, the customer pays the lower price. The price cap may be slightly higher that the going rate at the time of the contract, but ensures customers will not pay more than they can afford.

Another option is a prepaid fixed price. Customers lock in a price per gallon, and pay for a specific number of gallons at the beginning of the contract. It means a one lump sum, but eliminates the need to make payments every month. If the family budget can handle that arrangement, it means the winter is stress-free regarding heat, no matter how long the winter lasts. The amount of gallons is based on the average gallon usage by the household over the previous few years. That helps avoid running out of gallons before the contract expires. Should the home require more gallons, the family will pay the going rate at the time of any additional deliveries. Once people have selected a payment plan for Heating Oil in Groton CT, they are placed on an automatic delivery schedule. That means they do not have to remember to order oil. Customers interested in any of those budget plan options can read the full info here.

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