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Buying the Right Ink for Your Printer

Replacing an ink cartridge for your printer can be a simple process if you know what to do and what to look for. Not all cartridges will work for all printers. Checking your printer requirements is important. Finding the right ink cartridge numbers is key in making the appropriate choice. All vendors have that number in their inventory and can pull up the correct ink choice for you when it’s provided.

Locate the Cartridge Number

A printer cartridge has a number printed on a sticker located the front or nearby. The number will be used as reference when searching for new cartridges. Also, located on the sticker is the color of the ink. Make sure the color matches what you are purchasing.

If the sticker has fallen off, you can also locate the cartridge number in the user guide or manual. In the cartridge section, it should provide you a number which you can write down and use when purchasing additional cartridges.

Find the Number Online

If you don’t have either of the above options at your disposal, a quick online search can also get you the ink cartridge number. If you know the manufacturer, go to the corresponding website and enter your printer manufacturer and model in the search option. The results should give you a list of what options of ink you can buy for your printer.

Reference Tag

Many printers provide a reference tag or card in its packaging. The tag will include all the ink cartridge numbers you would need for your printer. This is a handy tool for getting the information as it is located in one place. Make sure you hold on to this tag should you need it. Place it near your printer or in your study or office to avoid it getting lost.

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