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Call the Dentist in Keizer OR When You Have These Symptoms

Call the Dentist in Keizer OR When You Have These Symptoms

Most everyone knows seeing the dentist twice a year is important for the health of the smile. Cavities and gum disease often occur when a person begins to neglect their smile and does not see the dentist as often as they should. Outside of preventative care appointments, it is important people are able to recognize the symptoms that should alert them to call the Dentist in Keizer OR. These signs should never be ignored since they could mean there are serious issues with the person’s oral health.

A person should call the Dentist in Keizer OR if they notice any of these warning symptoms occurring:

     *     Unexplained bleeding in the mouth

     *     Tooth or gum pain that is not relieved or worsens

     *     Damage to the teeth

     *     Sores in the mouth that will not go away after two weeks or spread

     *     Foul breath that is not relieved through normal oral care practices

     *     Swelling of the gums, jaw, or tongue

     *     Pus drainage in the teeth or gums

     *     Loss of an adult tooth

If any of these issues is occurring, a person needs to call and schedule an immediate appointment with the Dentist in Keizer OR. The dentist will first examine the person’s smile to determine what is causing their symptoms. The diagnostic process may involve the dentist taking X-rays to help determine whether or not intervention treatments need to be put in place.

Through a full examination and X-rays, the dentist can find the cause of the symptoms and work towards providing treatment that will bring relief and prevent damage from occurring to the teeth and gums. Unfortunately, many people wait too long to see the dentist so their problem progresses until it becomes severe. Prompt dental care can help to prevent major damage so tooth loss can be avoided.

If you have noticed any of these signs of problems with your oral health, it is crucial you see the Dentist in Keizer OR. For more information on the many dental services available through the dentist, visit Sitename. Call them right away and schedule a consultation appointment right away to ensure your oral health is properly protected.

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