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Can a Dog Bites Attorney Help Victims With Compensation?

Can a Dog Bites Attorney Help Victims With Compensation?

Thousands are injured each year by dogs who are not properly controlled by their owners. When dogs bite, they may leave behind lasting injuries that cause permanent scarring and disability. When a person is bitten by a dog, they may have the right to pursue the owner for compensation for their injury. Understanding the law on dog bites can sometimes be difficult. Many injured victims find help through a Dog Bites attorney.

When a person becomes injured by a dog, they first need to seek medical treatment. Dog bites can become infected and inflict serious injuries that will need treatment. It is important victims inform the medical staff of how the injury occurred so it can be documented in the medical records. Next, it is crucial the dog owner is found. When hiring a Dog Bites attorney, the attorney will need to know crucial information such as the owner’s name and address. The attorney will also need to know the breed of dog and where the bite occurred.

If the dog bite occurred in a public area, the dog owner may be held responsible for the victim’s injuries. Some states have strict liability rules when it comes to dog bites. Owners may be held responsible even if they did nothing to cause the bite and did not know their dog was a biter. Working with an attorney can assist a victim in learning more about the state’s dog bite rules to determine what course of action needs to be taken.
The injured victim’s attorney will need to prove a dog had dangerous propensities and the owner was aware. The attorney will also need to prove the owner acted negligently and did not properly contain the dog so it could not harm others. If all of these areas are proven, the attorney may be able to get a win for his client so compensation can be awarded.

People who have been injured by a dog bite should contact an attorney right away. With an attorney’s help, victims can better understand their rights and work towards receiving the compensation they deserve. For help with a dog bite case, Contact the Law Offices Of Burton J. Hass right away.

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