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Canvas Printing: Your Own Art Brought to Life

So you have finally moved into the corner office at work – the one you’ve been coveting for the past five years. You took up residency a few weeks ago, and you’re loving it, but there’s just one problem – you’re still staring at the same boring, canned artwork that was left on the walls (tacky frames included) by the previous occupant.

You realize it’s time for a change, but you’re no art connoisseur. What to do? Before you start art shopping (a process you probably don’t want to be involved in anyway), consider this: the perfect visual display may already be available at the tip of your fingers.

Your Own Images

Wouldn’t you love to see some of your favorite photos in large format across from your desk? How about displaying that beloved family beach portrait? Alternatively, what about that adorable image of your two Labradors playing when they were puppies?

You really need to think about changing things up using canvas printing. Stretched canvas prints are the answer in allowing you to display treasured personal images as art on your walls in your home or office. At New York Banners, we’re prepared to help you in this process. You’ll really find it quite easy; all our options are laid out on our web site,

We offer standard wrap (.75 inches) or gallery wrap (1.5 inches), so you’ll need to make sure you accommodate us with a correlating amount of bleed around your photos when ordering.

Creative Display Options

With both these wrap options, we offer a plethora of canvas sizes and shapes. Consider grouping a collage of eight-by-eight-inch standard wrapped images for an interesting visual tour of your life. Alternatively, go big and install a 48-by-60-inch gallery wrapped photo for an arresting display. This could very possibly the best part of canvas printing is that you don’t have to worry about framing any of these pieces.

That’s right; these images just float simply and elegantly without the restriction of heavy or overly ornate frames. Why spend time agonizing over what kind of art to install when you already have so many beautiful moments available to you in your own photo albums? Therefore, whether you’re looking to make an impact in your dining room, a change above the mantelpiece or to display personal moments in your office, canvas printing is your long-awaited answer. See our many options online and begin making plans today to beautify your home or office.

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