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Capabilities and Practice of Family Law Attorneys in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Capabilities and Practice of Family Law Attorneys in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Many individuals are unaware of the situations and questions that can be handled by family law attorneys. It is a multi-faceted and interesting field of law that deals with some of the most important legal issues. A family law attorney is focuses on issues regarding the relationships between individuals, most commonly related to marriage and children. Family law covers a broad range of cases of divorce and child custody to surrogacy and adoption, and domestic violence or spousal abuse.

Contacting the Right Lawyer

Once you are aware what areas and situations family law attorneys are able to advise on, it is also important to know if the lawyer you contact is the best option for your case.

These attorneys may also handle some other issues related to individuals’ relationships, such as probate and estate planning. Often, the practice will be smaller and specific. A firm or lawyer who focuses on family law will have an established relationship with the family law court and familiarity with the specific laws of your jurisdiction.

Seek Specialization

While it is common for family law attorneys to handle the entire spectrum of family law issues, in some instances an attorney will develop a specialization or niche in which he or she is an expert. For example, some lawyers have focused their practice on surrogacy and adoption. Particularly in instances when an international adoption is involved, only lawyers who have knowledge from prior cases and diligent research skills will be able to handle the case proficiently. If your family law issue is unique or unusual, it is worthwhile to find an attorney who has experience in that area.

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