Causes and Cures for Elbow Pain, Treatment around Hoffman Estates

Elbows are considered a significant part of the body, they help your arms and hands carry out various day-to-day activities such as lifting, pushing, catching, throwing, etc and help in several day-to-day work efforts. Causing discomfort in elbow or pain in your elbows can impact your day-to-day work. Therefore, if you have elbow pain, it is imperative that you find out why and what options are available to fix the issue. If you are a resident of Hoffman Estates finding treatment for elbow pain close to your location could be useful.


Most people don’t realize it, but you can get arthritis in the elbows, as well as other parts of the body. It happens when the cartilage (smooth covering over your bones that allow joints to glide) becomes decreased or damaged. It can just degenerate as you age, but can also happen because of a traumatic injury. There are many types of arthritis and symptoms can include loss of strength or motion, a grinding sensation, clicking, and discomfort.

Your surgeon can give you an exam, as well as x-rays to determine if you have it. They may also order an MRI or CAT scan. You’ll find many treatment options, including surgical and non-operative versions, such as joint replacement (surgical) or anti-inflammatory medicines. Hoffman Estates patients can find a surgeon in your nearby area.


Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) can be caused by overuse of the area or injury. Cartilage fragments from the joint can separate and form free bodies in the joint. If you have elbow pain, this could be the reason. You’ll notice difficulty with flexing or extending, as well as clicking or locking of the elbows.


Regular inflammation that never seems to go away can be called Bursitis or Medial Epicondylitis. Bursitis can cause fluid pouches to form, which can harden and get infected. Medial Epicondylitis can cause you to lose strength or be unable to flex the wrist.

Elbow pain doesn’t have to keep you from the activities you enjoy.

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