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Chlorine Free Pool Shock: Natural Alternatives for Pool Water Treatment

Recently there has been a rising trend in finding different chlorine alternatives for sanitizing swimming pools and spas at home. It has become known that chlorine may be to blame for triggering some health problems such as asthma and cancers dealing with the bladder and rectum. Once people became aware of these findings, many operators of swimming pools and spas have been seeking alternative methods to chlorination treatments.

Popular Methods of Chlorine Free Pool Shock Treatment

There are some very effective and safe methods for chlorine free pool shock treatment which are becoming very popular with home swimming pool and spa operators. Each of these methods provides a safe swimming environment while reducing the dependency on chemicals used in treating your water.

  • Ozone generators harness natural ozone and turn it into a powerful water sanitizer.
  • Catalytic cartridges can also refer to mineral sanitation. This method treats water by using oxygen combined with bactericidal minerals and natural algae static.
  • Chlorine generators use the natural salts found in the water of the swimming pool or spa to sanitize, generating a softer and more natural form of chlorine.
  • Ionizers use natural mineral ions to remove microorganisms from the water.

How do Chlorine Free Pool Shock Products Work?

There are many chlorine free pool shock products available in the market today, such as MineralPURE and OzoneMAX. These products work by passing by oxygen electrodes in the water while releasing mineral ions delivering a safe, natural, and chemical free shock to your swimming pool or spa water. The mineral ions released bind to the microorganisms present in the water, killing them and providing residual protection against further contamination.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Chlorine Free Maintenance

If you have ever had an algae problem in your pool or spa water, and are considering an ionizer as a chlorine free water treatment method, it is important to first clear the water of any possible remaining algae by giving it a chlorine or chlorine free pool shock treatment. The ionizer can then be used in maintaining the purity of the water.

Many swimming pool and spa operators have found that in order to maintain adequate sanitary water conditions they need to keep a residual amount of chlorine in the water. However, it is possible to maintain sanitary conditions without the use of chlorine. If you are persistent in monitoring the pH levels in the water as well as copper levels, you should be able to keep algae away as long as you can maintain adequate levels. Periodic bacterial testing is imperative as well, as bacteria are not visible and can cause many issues with the water.

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