Choose a Wedding Venue – A Little Bit Further Can Make a Difference

You do not need a “destination wedding” when there is a great wedding venue near Lake Geneva WI. Why travel to a far-flung destination when you can be stay on the island and enjoy a beautiful location that would easily rival any destination. By going out a little further on the island you can find a venue with an amazing atmosphere, exceptional views and great packages. It is a win-win deal.

Lake Geneva Is Beautiful

If you are coming from the city or one of the boroughs traveling out to Lake Geneva WI can be like going to a completely different state. It is beautiful, rural, and full of potential wedding charm. A short trip and you are in a completely different world. You can take advantage of having a convenient location where all your friends and family can attend without sacrificing any of the beauty of the perfect setting. Sometimes it can be easy to forget how beautiful Lake Geneva really is and traveling just a little bit farther jogs the memory.

Take Advantage

You can take advantage of a great location that is:

  • Commuting distance for anyone in the tristate area
  • Easy to reach
  • Offers exceptional views

By having your wedding where anyone in the Wisconsin area can travel, you are giving everyone you know and love an opportunity to celebrate with you. Traveling just beyond Lake Geneva WI
really changes the view and the whole vibe of the areas.

Contact Abbey Springs Golf Course, if you are looking for wedding venues near Lake Geneva, WI.

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