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Choosing a Responsible Breeder with English Mastiff Puppies for Sale

Choosing a Responsible Breeder with English Mastiff Puppies for Sale

If you have decided that you want to purchase a puppy from English Mastiff breeders, you have made an excellent decision. These good-natured dogs are known for being affectionate, dignified, protective, and courageous. They also showcase beautiful color varieties such as apricot, fawn, and brindle. There are many breeders you could choose to buy your dog from, but there are some things you should consider before you call on a breeder.

Finding Reputable Breeders

One place you are sure to see a breed in action is at a dog show. Breeders will often be present, offering you the opportunity of meeting a few different English Mastiff puppies at once. If you are more interested in performance events, visiting a trail is another great option for you. Breeders like Royal Oak Mastiffs are likely to be in attendance.

Another option is to go online and find local breeders who care for English Mastiffs. You may be pleasantly surprised to find some excellent options this way.

Perusing the Websites

Once you have a few breeders you are considering, make sure that you visit their websites. This will give you some possible indicators of their personality, qualifications, and more. Any titles or certificates are likely to be presented front and center for you to view. Other information about the breeders should also be present. Make sure you take the time to get a feel for the type of breeder they are.

Breeders to Avoid

While there are many distinguished, loving breeders out there, there are also some who are less likely to provide you with quality puppies. The good news is that there are often a few red flags you’ll see that clue you into this situation if it comes up. One of those red flags is seeing four or more unique breeds with only a couple of dogs for each type. This doesn’t give you insight into the breeding program and can be a sign of a puppy mill.

You should also be aware that puppies need to spend eight weeks of life with their litter mates. This helps them learn to socialize and get along with other dogs. A breeder who offers you a dog that is younger than this may not be very responsible.

At Royal Oak Mastiffs, we provide affectionate, eager-to-please puppies that represent the breed in an exemplary fashion. If you are looking for “show quality” dogs, come check out our latest litter.

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