Choosing a Vet: 6 Questions to Ask

Just got a pet? It’s time to start looking into a vet. Here are a few things you shoul ask when choosing a vet, according to ChasingDogTales.
1. Is there a clinic or Middleburg Veterinarian nearby? If you see a facility, how many veterinarians are on duty? Are there specialists? You’ll want to know these things in advance. If your dog or cat develops a condition, you’ll know where to go and who to turn to for treatment or a consult.
2. Are the technicians certified? Certifications means staff are trained and well aware of how to deliver quality service. That’s often a worry in many animal clinics. So if you want to make sure your pet gets the best treatment possible, you’ll want to make sure he’s in good hands, in the care of someone capable, competent and certified.
3. Do animals share the same waiting room? That might be a problem especially if you’ve got a temperamental or aggressive alpha cat. You wouldn’t want to walk into the waiting room and incite a riot with all the other pets so ask if there’s another available waiting room where you and your pet can stay before your scheduled appointment.
4. What are the hospital’s operating hours? What if you have an emergency? Do you have instructions for emergency care? Get that all off of your chest. If your pet succumbs to an infection or gets into an accident on a weekend, you won’t have to waste time checking which Middleburg Veterinarian is on duty or which hospitals are open at that hour. The faster your pet receives treatment, the stronger his chances of a faster recovery and survival.
5. How much are the fees? And what are they? Are there available payment plans you could review and choose from? Don’t forget to ask about discounts. Do they offer discounted treatment rates to senior citizens or those with multiple pets? How about to military personnel?
6. What records do you need? Ideally, you should already have a copy of your pet’s medical. Even a new dog would have records about his first rabies shot. Make sure you compile all those in a folder or accessible place so that when the doctor asks for them, all you’ll have to do is turn over the files.
With these questions, you’ll already have an idea of what to look for in a vet. To find a Middleburg Veterinarian near you, contact The Argyle Animal Clinic for inquiries.

Looking for a Middleburg Veterinarian? Contact us at the Argyle Animal Clinic for veterinary services and assistance. We can help.

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