Choosing Excellent Pet Care While on Vacation

Pet lovers can attest that finding pet car in East Brunswick when going on vacation can be challenging. It adds a whole extra level to planning, as you want your pet to do well and be treated properly when you aren’t around. Pet care facilities are starting to realize this, which has led to a rise in luxury boarding options. These locations may have everything from enclosed dog runs to rooms with televisions to goodie bags for your frisky pooch.

In-Home or Hotel Boarding

Leaving a pet behind can be an emotional time. You may want to have a friend or family member come to visit with your pet throughout the day to feed and exercise them. You could also choose to hire a professional pet sitter to provide this type of care. This isn’t always and option, however.

The other solution is to choose a reputable kennel for boarding. You can go with something simple like boarding at your veterinarian’s office, or you can select a high-end kennel that offers everything from grooming to massage. If you go this route, we have some tips on questions to ask before choosing the company you trust with your pet.

Needs of Your Pet

Every pet is different and requires different types of care. If you have a pet that is overly active who needs extra playtime, you want to find out if that is available. Consider whether your pet will do better in a quiet space or somewhere surrounded by other animals. Some other things to think about are whether your pet has special medical needs and whether they get along with other dogs. Ask questions related to these things to make sure the place you choose is comfortable for your dog.

Your Own Needs

In addition to being sure your pet is happy while boarded, there may be things that will make you more comfortable as well. Some things to inquire about here include whether there is a way to check in on your dog with a webcam while on vacation and if you will have 24-hour access if needed. It might also be important to discover what other services are available like grooming and vet care.

You can find excellent pet care in East Brunswick if you are looking for a kennel for your dog. At K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel, we offer all the services you could want for your furry friend.

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