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Choosing The Most Appropriate Floor Lamps In Chicago

While most people make due with whatever lighting they have in their Chicago home, others prefer to do what it takes to get the lighting they need. If your lights aren’t sufficient and you wish you could add more brightness or clarity, floor lamps may be the most appropriate option for you. While a traditional table lamp can also work, you may find that your tables are covered, but you have plenty of space around the tables and furniture.

Up Or Down

The first decision is to determine if you want the lamp to shine upwards or down. Traditional floor lamps in Chicago will shine the light downward, perfect for those who want a brighter light to read or do hobbies/activities. However, a torchiere (which is very similar) shines the light upward, creating a brighter space throughout the room.

The Base

Any lamp you choose will have a base, and it should be wide enough to sit firmly without swaying. Many times, the lamp itself will be high in the air, so you should also consider the pole or space between the light and the base. If it is flimsy, it could sway or move when brushed, which could cause it to fall.

Your Ceilings

You may want to measure from the ground to the ceiling to ensure that the lamp will fit properly. For example, most of these light fixtures are 60-78 inches tall. You may need to pay close attention to the size listed in the description to ensure that the lamp will fit where you’d like it to go.

Consider Location

It’s important to be safe with such a lamp, as hot bulbs can cause burns and fires if they fall or are too close to curtains, etc.

Floor lamps in Chicago are the perfect solution when your space doesn’t have enough light. Visit Fox Lighting Galleries at to learn more.

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