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Choosing the Right Pet food in Folsom, CA

Choosing the Right Pet food in Folsom, CA

Proper feeding keeps dogs and cats healthy and helps them to live longer happier lives. There is a lot of debate among pet owners about whether wet or dry food is best. The truth is that both types of food have specific benefits and providing pets with a mix of each helps them to have the best of everything. Here are the reasons why wet and dry pet food in Folsom CA are both good options for pets and how to include them in their daily diet.

Benefits of Dry Food

* Dry food is a cost-effective option and a budget saver for people with large animals that require a lot of calories each day.

* Dry food helps to clean the teeth and gums as animals eat.

* It is unsafe to leave wet food out for more than a couple of hours but dry food never needs refrigeration.

* It travels easier than canned food and pets usually make less of a mess when consuming it compared to wet foods.

Benefits of Wet Food

* Wet food is useful for fussy pets in hot climates because it has a higher moisture level so it provides more hydration.

* it is easier to consume than dry kibble if the pet is elderly and has dental or jaw problems.

* Contains a higher level of protein so it is beneficial for young and active animals with high protein needs.

* Wet food has a stronger odor that helps to encourage some older or fussy eaters.

* It does not contain preservatives, artificial colorings and artificial flavorings like dry food.

* It is typically lower in carbohydrates than dry food.

There are a variety of healthy and high-quality brands of Pet food in Folsom CA that make it easy to provide a perfectly balanced diet for any dog or cat. Consider leaving dry food out for cats all of the time and offering wet food twice a day. Most cats will only eat when hungry but some may overeat. In these instances, cut back on the amount of dry provided and only refill the dish once a day. Dogs should eat twice a day as well. Try mixing the wet and dry together at each meal. Pet food labels have instructions on the amount of food dogs need according to their body weight.

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