CNC Machining Services Available to Suit a Variety of Industries

by | Dec 14, 2015 | Business

CNC machining is a process commonly used in the manufacturing industry where a computer is used to control machine tools which include mills, lathes, grinders and rotors. This type of machining is used to produce efficiently a wide range of precision parts and components using either metal or engineer-grade plastic materials. There is a variety of cnc machining services, including prototyping, in existence to serve the needs of many industries, including the medical, defense, aerospace and energy industries.

Types of Machining Processes Used for Part Production
To serve multiple sectors by producing an assortment of metal and plastic parts, such as engine components, a variety of CNC machining services are offered, including:

* CNC Turning- a process in which raw material is held and rotated, while a tool is pressed to the piece to remove material to create the desired shape, commonly used for high volume machining.
* CNC Swiss Turning- a turning where the material is fed through a guide bushing, then fed out of the spindle and past the tool as it continues through. This process is best for use in machining slender and long turned parts.
* CNC Milling- a machining process that involves both cutting and drilling, using a spinning, cylindrical cutting tool to create various slots, shapes, and holes. It is one of the most commonly used CNC machines and can be used to machine any material that can be cut or drilled.

Brazing and soldering are services used in conjunction with machining parts. These processes are used to put together complex assemblies, many of which require important cosmetic finishes. These processes are defined as follows:

* Brazing- a process where two or more metal objects are joined by melting a filler metal, with a lower melting point than the adjoining metal, and flowing it into the joint.
* Soldering- a process, where two or more metal pieces are joined by melting a filler metal, called solder, and putting it in the joint.

What is CNC Prototyping?
This process, performed before CNC machining, is used to check the quality of the design for mechanical function or if its appearance is good compared to what is shown on the computer screen. Plastic and metal prototypes can be made to confirm the design, making this a more accurate process compared to processes such as 3D printing.

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