From Mulcher Bits to The Pros and Cons: The Basics of Forestry Mulching

by | Dec 14, 2015 | Business

Ever wondered how an entire forest can be felled in virtually no time at all? The answer lies in mulching machines, amazing pieces of equipment that have been game changers in the forestry industry. Although only experts may understand the importance of all the tiny elements like mulcher bits that make these machines work, we can all learn a little more about how they benefit us all.

Mulching machines eliminate many of the steps involved in a land clearing by processing trees and vegetation where they stand. This saves time and money, as a workforce won’t be needed to come in for site prep, cutting, hauling, or felling, and site cleanup. This also means that multiple machines won’t be needed, such as bulldozers, excavators, tree shears, wood grinders or chippers, and various hauling equipment. Minimizing the amount of machines used ultimately means that you’ll save money on fuel requirements and emissions. Mulching machines can also often operate on steep slopes and small areas, as well as in poor ground conditions.

Wildlife Applications
Mulching can be used to reduce the potential for wildfires! It does this be eliminating small leafy plants and rotten trees that serve as fuel sources for the fire. Mulching can also be used to create a coarse grid finish that allows for a more controlled burn. Even further, mulching can be used for reactive cutting of lines on active fires. After a fire is over, and cleanup has begun, mulchers can then be used to provide a top layer of mulch to prevent soil erosion on slopes and decrease water pollution.

Depending on the mulcher bits and size and orientation of the mulching head, forestry mulchers can sometimes only fell smaller trees. Mulching trees over thirty inches in diameter can become dangerous for the equipment and the operator. Working in complex areas may also require more equipment, like tracked mulching machines, excavator mulchers, and skid steer tractors. This is especially important in rocky areas, as the machines cannot move stones, and teeth grinding on the rocks can cause a fire a hazard. It’s only crucial to remember that mulching is only effective when less than 100 trees are present per acre.

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