Common Applications for Process Water Chillers

by | Apr 30, 2024 | Business

Process water chillers help regulate temperatures in a variety of industrial and commercial settings. These systems can help lower the temperature of equipment, machinery, or an entire process. Explore some of the top applications for water chillers.

Plastics Industry

In the plastics industry, process water chillers are often used to cool hot plastic after it is injected, extruded, or stamped during manufacturing. Rapidly cooling the plastic molds helps speed up the production process.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Chillers are frequently used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries to help control the temperatures of machines during the manufacturing processes for medications and other medical products. Precise temperature control is needed to maintain the integrity of pharmaceutical products.

Food and Beverage Processing

The food and beverage industries rely on chillers to maintain specific temperatures during processing. This is needed to ensure product safety, quality, and consistency. Chillers may be used in brewing, winemaking, and the manufacture of various food products where temperature control is critical.

HVAC Systems

In large buildings and industrial facilities, process water chillers may be used to help support air conditioning systems. The chiller can provide chilled water for the AC systems, effectively managing indoor air quality and comfort.

Laser Technology

Lasers used in cutting, engraving, and other industrial applications can generate a significant amount of heat. Chillers help keep the equipment at optimal temperatures, ensuring high precision and efficiency.

The bottom line is that water chillers are useful in a wide range of environments. By efficiently managing temperatures, these chillers can enhance product quality and safety.

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