Common Types of Heating Repair in Winter Haven, FL

Nothing is more uncomfortable than returning from a day at work to find that your house is freezing on the first day of winter, despite your heating system running all day. The sinking feeling in your stomach tells you that your heater is broken and needs immediate heating repair. You should immediately call your heating contractor and ask them come to assess the problem. It additionally helps to know ahead of time the types of common problems your heating system may have.

Dirty Pipes

Often the lack of heat in your home simply indicates dirty or clogged pipes that block warm air from circulating. This is an easy repair if caught in time, but if it is left without any repairs, can damage the fan’s motor limit switch or cause a fire hazard. Easily avoid this problem by scheduling yearly heater maintenance with an experienced contractor who specializes in heating repair in Winter Haven, FL.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat is the essential aspect of your heating system and if broken, can lead you to believe your home is warmer than it is. If it is giving faulty information about how to maintain the temperature in your home, your entire heating system will not operate properly. Although sometimes difficult to detect, this malfunction may require new parts and sometimes an entirely new thermostat altogether.

Loose Parts

As your heating system ages, the usage will cause parts to jiggle loose and start functioning at a lower capability. This will usually cause a clunking or screech that was not originally present, and homeowners should be able to easily diagnose this problem before the heating repair contractor arrives. By tightening or repairing the part in question, your heating system will return to normal.

Homeowners can easily avoid many of the common heating repairs by scheduling regular maintenance, and home energy scans each year. Find a company with plenty of experience that offers free estimates such as Affordable Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. Having a contractor ready to call before a problem arrives often saves you both time and money on heating repairs.

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