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Compact Kubota KX121-3: A Landscaping Essential

Compact Kubota KX121-3: A Landscaping Essential

In the landscaping sector, where once the backhoe ruled, today the skid steer loader and the compact excavator have taken over. These pieces of equipment reduce the amount of labor a job can require. Compact excavators such as the Kubota KX121-3 are highly popular in landscaping and residential construction. As one of the most popular models of compact excavator, the KX121-3 exemplifies the characteristics that make it a solid choice by landscapers in Bellingham.

Characteristics of Compact Excavators

Compact excavators, no matter who manufactures them, have similar characteristics. They are all:

* Smaller than standard excavators
* Favored for their maneuverability in tight and confined spaces
* Easier to transport to out-of-the-way places
* Less damaging to the environment
* Designed to accept a variety of accessories to improve their ability to handle diverse tasks

Overall, compact excavators are called versatile, very maneuverable and very productive. They are also affordable and available as a rental or for purchase. All these aspects make them ideal for many landscaping tasks.

Common Uses in Landscaping

Machine size has always been a critical factor in landscaping. Whether moving materials or installing a water feature, the amount of allotted space for maneuvering has always been a factor in determining equipment choice. Large excavators are too large and bulky to work comfortably within the contained space. As a result, compact excavators such as the Kubota KX121-3 are ideal.

In Bellingham, landscapers employ them in diverse tasks including the following:

* Excavating: They can remove trees and clear landscapes to allow the construction of other design features planned for the site

* Moving and Removing: By using the thumb option, an excavator can grasp objects moving or removing them. Trees can be ripped out and materials shuffled from one place to another

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