Consider Alzheimer’s Programming in Richmond, VA for Your Loved One

A loved one who needs special care that aging often requires can find a caring home that offers Alzheimer’s programming in Richmond, VA. Many options are available depending on the specific care needed.

Activities Based on Abilities

Residents in the memory care area have varying degrees of memory loss. The caregivers treat each person as an individual and focus on their abilities when helping family members decide what activities would be best suited. Outdoor activities with a caregiver or family member are often possible for some residents while others need to be inside and/or have constant care.

Some residents who live in the memory care unit love to reminisce about people they knew and loved years ago. Others might be unable to speak anymore but enjoy being taken for a walk around the grounds in a wheelchair or sit on a bench for a while.

Therapies for Memory Care Residents

As part of the memory care unit with Alzheimer’s programming in Richmond, VA, your loved one will be offered a variety of therapies. Some of therapies used include cooking, art, music, and pets.

Dedicated Memory Care 24/7

Alzheimer’s Programming Richmond VA offers onsite medical and/or other care every hour of every day all year long as part of their memory care program. The needs of your loved one can always be met by a caring professional whose goal is to make life as comfortable as possible with medication, therapy, or whatever means necessary to serve your loved one in the best way possible.

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