Consider Her Hands When Buying Engagement Rings in Singapore

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Shopping

When it comes time to buy an engagement ring for your girlfriend, you will want to consider how nice it will look on her finger, and not just the beauty of the ring. To buy a ring that will flatter her, you need to consider the cut of the gemstone and the shape of her fingers. Here are some tips on buying a ring that will look great on your fiancée’s hand.

Ring Style and Shape

When you’re looking at engagement rings in Singapore, you will have several ring styles and shapes from which to choose. To get one that will look great on a woman’s hand, you should consider the shape of the gemstone, and the width and style of the setting it will be placed on. The wrong shape or style can make her hand look too small or too fat, which can distract from the beauty of the ring.

Finger Shapes

Along with the ring style and shape, you also need to consider the size of a woman’s fingers when shopping for engagement rings. If she has long fingers, then a round or princess cut gem will look best on her finger. You can also purchase a wider ring or one that is more elaborate; these will look good on her hand as well.

For shorter fingers, you don’t want to make them look even shorter by buying a wide setting. Instead, a narrower band will help create the illusion of length. Gemstone cuts you should consider are the emerald-cut, which is a rectangular shape, or an oval or pear shape cut, which will also make fingers seem longer.

When shopping for engagement rings, don’t just examine rings that are nice to look at. Consider the size of the wearer’s fingers in order to buy a ring that will look great.

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