Qualities Expected In Corporate Catering

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Food

Corporate catering has a different set of criteria to meet compared to regular caterers. Before companies choose corporate caterers as the regular office lunch providers or for a corporate event, they look for much more than taste. Here are some qualities that corporate catering teams are expected to imbibe.

Flexibility in Menu

The catering company can provide good taste in many delicacies. But they need to be flexible in their menu according to the clients. In a corporate event, the corporate caterer should either give you a set of menu to select from or they should be ready to serve the food that is ordered.


Along with the menu options and the taste, the corporate caterers should adhere to certain etiquette required for the corporate audience. They need to be responsive and professional in their approach. Emails or phone calls should be answered swiftly and they should maintain a good rapport with the employees of the organization.


The corporate caterers should discuss the prices with the clients. Some corporate caterers present their prices on their official website. They are expected to cater a menu with fixed prices for the dishes and get to an amicable list of delicacies that are presentable in the menu.


When a corporate caterer is hired for a company, it is imperative to have a contract signed. It contains the terms and conditions including all the minute detailing. The catering service should stick to these terms and conditions. If the caterer fails to do so, the contract will often have a clause to end the contract.

The most important quality an organization looks for in a corporate caterer is trust. A long term relationship with the catering company will be possible only when there is trust in the quality of food and service. Chicago Cafe Caterers are proficient in corporate catering in Chicago. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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