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Considerations in Choosing the Best MBBS College in The USA

Considerations in Choosing the Best MBBS College in The USA

There are many different MBBS colleges around the world. Students from India have the option to consider various locations to complete their course of study and the PG requirements.

However, choosing one of the best MBBS colleges in the USA offers several advantages. These colleges offer Green Book clinical rotations in ACGME (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education) approved teaching hospitals in the United States.

Unfortunately, many students choosing to attend MBBS colleges in China, Russia, or other countries find they are only allowed to complete observerships. These observership options do not meet the hands-on clinical rotation requirements needed to complete a PG in the USA, resulting in limited options moving forward.

Factors to Consider

Attending the best MBBS colleges in the USA is very difficult for students from India. Challenges in meeting the high score requirement on the MCAT as well as meeting all requirements to earn a seat in these programs makes this a difficult pathway to becoming a doctor.

Choosing to complete an MBBS at Spartan Health Science University in the Caribbean provides students with the same exceptional level of education as the best MBBS colleges in the USA. Students will also complete full ACGME Green Book clinical rotations at teaching hospitals in the US, positioning themselves to pursue their career as a doctor in the United States or countries across the globe.

With a low student to faculty ratio, a focus on creating a comfortable, supportive environment, and exceptional training and state-of-the-art facilities, Spartan Health Science University is a highly sought-after MBBS college option.

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