Consulting with a Rheumatology Specialist about Your Treatment Plan: What to Expect

Consulting with rheumatology specialists in Jacksonville FL is a prudent first step to getting the treatment you need. Not sure what to expect from your first visit? Here are a few things that will help you prepare:

Your medical history

Expect the doctor to ask you about your medical history. After all, your doctor will need detailed medical information before putting together a treatment plan that’s ideal for you. The first meeting will more than likely involve a conversation about your medical background, followed by an examination, says WebMD.

The treatment

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that damages your joints. The point of seeking out treatment is to control the inflammation and symptoms, preventing any further damage to the joints. Another treatment goal is to improve overall quality of life. Slowing down the progress of the disease and managing symptoms are two factors that the doctor will focus on when recommending a treatment.

Finding help

Because of the long-term nature of rheumatoid arthritis, you’ll be dealing with your doctor for a long time. It’s crucial that you find the rheumatology specialists in Jacksonville FL that best suits you. You’ll want to consider their credentials and background. Going to your primary physician for a referral is a common first step when looking into your arthritis specialist options.

Consulting with a doctor

Once the consultation beings, be honest with the doctor. Tell your doctor all about your symptoms and the frequency with which they happen. What kind of measures help you and which ones make you feel worse? What parts of your body are in pain and how bad does the pain get?

All these questions will give your doctor an accurate idea of your condition. With enough information, your doctor can come up with a treatment plan that’s suited to your unique medical situation.

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