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Contracting a Fence Builder in Saint Paul, MN

The reasons for the choice to erect a fence vary. Fencing is installed to define the boundaries of a property, for security, to create a private area for a garden or a pool, or to replace an old fence that has become steadily broken down over the years. But, building a fence is not a DIY job unless one is prepared to put in a lot of personal time on the project. And there are now several different types and styles of fencing to select from in the market. Because of this, the question of a new fence involves not only the bare needs of property definition and security, but also as a value enhancement on the home. By engaging a professional Fence Builder in Saint Paul MN, the homeowner not only has the assurance of a professional crew doing the installation work but also the help of sales and design consultants to assist in choosing the right fence to suit the particular home.

Now, a homeowner may opt for the most basic of all designs, a steel chain-link fence. It’s the easiest to work with in terms of the actual project and can be completed in the shortest time. But, even with the simple chain-link fence, there are options to consider. These involve fence height, styling for the gates, to wholly or partially enclose the house, and even color of the fence cloth. The advantage of a chain-link fence is that it is relatively cheap and, with the addition of enhancements such as vinyl or plastic slats, can be easily converted at a later date into a privacy screen for relatively economical cost. Otherwise, the homeowner with a larger budget to work with may choose to install a vinyl fence. This system has the advantage of providing an immediate privacy screen, will endure weather very well, has its color molded in, and comes in a variety of textures simulating wood grain. And for a backyard privacy screen to enclose a patio or garden, a traditional wood fence is ideal.

Dakota Unlimited has performed over 26,000 fence installations since opening for business. They are a full-service fence builder in Saint Paul MN with showroom facilities for customers to preview the various styles available. And for intrepid homeowners able to tackle fence installation as a DIY project, they offer full support. Call today for a price quote and consultation.

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