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Core Massage Modalities You will Learn in Massage School

What Will You Learn at a Massage School in Sedona?
Modalities refers to the techniques that are used in massage therapy. Although employers set the menu of services at spas, hotels, massage parlors, etc., it is the massage school’s responsibility to ensure that they teach more than just one modalities to their students. One of the benefits of getting massage therapy training at a massage school in Sedona is that you will have the opportunity to learn both Eastern and Western modalities. Many times, places that employ massage therapists expect you to know both styles.

If you were ever interested in becoming a licensed massage therapist, this article provides an overview of four of the most common massage modalities taught and used in the field.

Swedish Massage: The Standard of Comfort
Contrary to the name, the Swedish massage did not come from Sweden. Regardless of its origins, the Swedish Massage techniques that your local massage school in Sedona teaches its students are the cornerstone of basic massage therapy.

The strokes in this technique are designed to encourage optimal relaxation for the customer while improving their blood circulation and easing the tension in their muscles. The Swedish massage is the standard therapeutic massage in the West (versus its Eastern counterparts, Reflexology and Shiatsu). Another form of the Swedish massage is the deep tissue massage, which focuses on relieving deeper muscle pain.

Shiatsu Massage: Japanese Techniques for Universal Healing
Shiatsu originated as an Eastern holistic body treatment from Japan that focuses on tried-and-true pressure points around the body. Shiatsu is a truly holistic healing modality that is designed to restore the body’s balance. In traditional Asian medicine, illnesses were thought to be the cause of an imbalance of the patient’s chi. Shiatsu was developed to use applied touch pressure in specific spots to restore inner balance, and it is thought that this technique improves digestion, corrects the nervous system, and for the holistic treatment of chronic pain.

Reflexology: A Technique to Manipulate the Nervous System
At a massage school in Sedona, you will also learn Reflexology techniques. Reflexology therapy involves applying pressure to points on the customer’s feet. This modality requires extensive study of the way that the entire body is connected to the nerves of the feet, and it seeks to treat customers both physically and emotionally.

Massage instructors will teach you about the anatomy of the foot, as well as the history and practical use of this Eastern modality. In addition to the health benefits of Reflexology, it is also (by default) a primary way to relieve tired feet and improve blood flow.

Sports Massage: Massage for Prevention and Aftercare
There is a market for professional massage therapists who can help athletes prevent sports-related injuries by using massage to promote the athlete’s flexibility, energy, and performance. However, the sports massage techniques you will learn at massage school in Sedona can be used for anyone with an injury, problems with ROM, or chronic pain. Sports massages are designed to optimize the way the body uses itself to move and to help it recover quickly after muscles or tendons are injured.

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