Creating A New Look With Natural Stone Countertops In MN Homes

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Home Improvement

In many homes across MN, the kitchen design is just what the owner wants. However, there is definitely a dated or an outdated look about the kitchen, something that paint and new floorings just do not seem to address.

In these types of situations, new countertops may be just the thing to give a kitchen an upgraded, new and revitalized look. By choosing marble, granite or quartz as the material for the counter, homeowners can give their kitchen a different look while also adding to their home’s market value.

Choose Classic Marble

When most people think of elegant, sophisticated and upscale kitchen countertops, they automatically think of marble. This has long been the gold standard in counters, with Carrara White being the classic marble in custom homes and dream home construction projects.

Marble does not have to be white to bluish gray with slight marbling; it can also be a cream color, a darker gray, tan and earthy look or darker colors with flecks of white.

Consider the Patterns of Granite

Granite is another natural stone quarried from around the world. Depending on where the granite is from, it can include colors such a green, blue, reds, oranges and black, gray, brown and tan color tones.

Granite tends to offer higher levels of patterning and veining than marble, which can pick up accent colors and really highlight the counters in any kitchen area.

Go Bold With Quartz

Quartz is made with at least 95% natural quartz mineral, which is then mixed with a resin to create patterns, colors, and designs. This provides bright, vibrant colors in combination with the natural stone, developing a hard, durable and non-porous surface.

The bold colors of quartz are always a favorite for updates to older countertops in MN homes. In fact, the hardest part of the process may be narrowing down your options to the final choice.

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