Professional Turf Maintenance Service in Ashburn, VA Protects Grass From Neighboring Property Quirks

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Landscaping

Professional Turf Maintenance Service in Ashburn VA is usually relied on by owners of commercial property with a large amount of green space, such as office campuses, golf courses, and private schools. The service can be particularly welcome when the habits of neighboring property owners cause problems for a customer’s landscaping. Weeds can spread, for example, and large numbers of leaves and tree seeds can blow onto the grass from an adjacent property.

Wild Plants Spreading

Since property owners can do anything they want with their land as long as they don’t break zoning codes or neighborhood regulations, some people intentionally plant acreage in ways to avoid having to mow much grass. That can be advantageous for them, but problematic for neighbors who want or need that lush greenery over the land. Various types of wild plants are tenacious and spread easily. Lawn owners must stay vigilant if they want to avoid having to apply pesticides in a widespread area. A professional Turf Maintenance Service in Ashburn VA can help with this goal.

Sometimes, weeds are very obvious, like bright yellow dandelions that eventually turn to seeds, blowing everywhere in the vicinity to create new plants the following spring. In other cases, the weeds might not be noticed for quite some time except by a professional lawn service. Flat, broadleaf weeds are common in lawns, and some are small enough to be unobserved until they have grown to a large population.

Leaves and Tree Seeds

Property owners sometimes find that they have a lot more landscaping work than they expected because their neighbors have so many trees. In the fall, piles of leaves can drift from one lot to another, accumulating against fences and buildings. Maple seeds drop in spring and new little trees quickly pop up all over the place.

After the installation of sod by a company such as Premier Turf Farms, maintaining the grass properly for the first few months is essential for it to thrive. Company representatives are happy to answer any questions about watering and other topics related to sod maintenance. Browse our websites to learn more about this particular organization.

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