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Creative Ways To Use An Ice Block In Suffolk County NY

A block of ice that has an intricate design carved into its surface can be used as a decoration or serving tool for a party that will be held outdoors. The following tips may help an individual decide how to use an ice block in Suffolk County, NY for an upcoming gathering.

Sculpture That Signifies A Particular Theme

Ice can be sculpted to look like a person or animal or can have a pattern added to its surface. If a party is being held for a specific cause, a unique sculpture that correlates to the theme will draw attention throughout the social gathering. A luge is another item that is made from ice that can be used as a serving tool. Shallow channels are carved throughout the length of a block of ice. They can be used to hold small pieces of food that need to remain chilled.

Centerpiece For A Table

A flat piece of ice that has a carving in it can be used to enhance the center of a table. Small, decorative materials can be placed inside of each carving. If bright colored-items are added to each channel, they will contrast with the translucent appearance of a block of ice. Foliage, flowers or lighting can be placed around an ice luge to draw attention to it. A luge that is being used as a centerpiece needs to be placed on a waterproof surface.

Beverage Dispenser

A luge can be used to serve drinks to guests. If cocktails or soft drinks are being served during a gathering, they can be poured through an ice block’s carved sections. Guests can collect their beverages by holding cups at one end of an ice block. If individuals would like to compete against each other, they can request that drinks are poured down each channel. Once beverages are in cups, individuals can try to drink their beverages in the shortest amount of time.

Business Name¬†and other ice distributors carry a full line of ice products and will customize an ice block in Suffolk County, NY according to an individual’s wishes.

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