Cuban Links – A Classic Chain Style for the Modern Man

by | Jul 28, 2017 | Jewelry

For men, it can sometimes be difficult to find stylish, attractive jewelry that maintains a masculine look. So many jewelers focus on feminine styles that men’s accessories often go overlooked. Cuban link chains are one style favored by many modern men that bring shine to their ensembles without looking like something they borrowed from a female friend.

What Makes a Cuban Link Chain?

Cuban chains are a bold, masculine style boasting a high amount of gold or other precious metal and sometimes diamonds or other stones. These chains may be worn in the form of bracelets or watchchains, but are most often worn as necklaces. Men love the clean, simple design of Cuban links, as well as the comfort of wearing the smooth, polished chains. Typically a single color with clear or no stones present, they go well with any clothing or accessories, making them popular with men from various groups and backgrounds

Jewelers usually offer various styles and sizes of Cuban chains, designed to suit every taste from the flashy and fabulous to the muted and minimalistic. Whatever your style, there is a chain to suit it!

Accessorizing Your Chain

There are many ways to take your chain to the next level. Some popular choices include:

  • Pendants, especially those including religious symbolism, or bearing words or imagery fashioned from gems and precious metals
  • Diamonds or other stones inlaid or added to your chain
  • Additional chains in smaller or larger sizes or with varied link styles, worn together to create visual interest

Of course, for those who prefer a more muted style, there is nothing wrong with rocking the simple, straightforward Cuban link chain. Paired with a solid color shirt or as part of a more spectacular ensemble, there is nothing more versatile, masculine and stylish than the ever-popular, much respected chain necklace.

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