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Damp Basement? Tips For Basement Waterproofing In Madison WI

Damp Basement? Tips For Basement Waterproofing In Madison WI

Because they are completely or partially underground, most basements have some degree of excess moisture in the air. When combined with the fact they are typically not used often, or ventilated like the rest of the home, they can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Basements are susceptible to other issues, such as groundwater leaking in through the masonry, and they are the first place to fill with water during floods. People with older homes with basements constructed with stone are more likely to run into these problems than newer ones built with concrete and cinder block. For some Basement Waterproofing in Madison WI, tips, read on.

* If you have problems with water leaking into the basement every time it rains or there is even the smallest amount of snow melt, it is likely the problem is coming from under the floor. In this case, look into investing in a drain to help drain any water that seeps through the ground and collects under the floor.

* Start with separate sections of your basement and move all of your items to the other side. Clear away dirt, debris, and crumbling stone or concrete, which will reveal any cracks, holes, or damage. Use a commercial sealant to patch the fissures and seal your basement with a waterproofing agent.

* Keep the gutters on your roof clean and in good working order. Overflow and heavy water flow in one area due to a blockage can cause water to accumulate in one area and over-saturate the ground. Invest in gutter pipes that deposit water at least a foot away from your home to keep water away from the basement.

* Dig up the soil surrounding your home and create a slope that goes downward, away from your home. This way, rain water will flow toward your yard and not directly into your basement.

Now that you have completed Basement Waterproofing in Madison WI, be sure to air out the basement to remove any excess moisture. If it is warm out, open the windows to allow fresh air in, and set up some fans to help get the air circulating. It is also a good idea to purchase and set up a dehumidifier, which will work to remove excess moisture year-round.

Amax Construction offers quality basement waterproofing service in Madison WI. Visit the website for more information.

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