Dangers of Engaging an Unlicensed Electrician in Carmel

A report from the U.S. Fire Administration states that electrical problems involving homes account for over 485 deaths, 67,800 fire incidents, and property losses of over $868 million in a typical year. Electrical wiring in these homes causes twice the numberĀ of fire incidents as electrical appliances. It has been documented that nearly every homeowner in the U.S has a few misconceptions concerning the functioning of their electrical system. This means that having a better appreciation of the likely dangers involved in electrical mishaps would save lives and properties. Here are a few of the problems homeowners encounter with their electrical system.

Circuit Breakers and Fuses

These only protect the electrical circuit and wiring and not the loads and appliances they’re connected to. The sad truth is that an electrician in Carmel may need to dispell misconceptions regarding the function of breakers and fuses. What it means is that, if the current is high enough to harm the wiring, the breaker or fuse will perceive this and just leave the circuit open. However, a very high current can cause overheating and insulation damage that could damage the electrical appliances plugged into the circuits or ignite any combustible material placed near the wiring. Instead of relying only on circuit breakers and fuses, ensure that specific appliances are plugged into separate circuits.

Every Old Home Requires Electrical Upgrades

Once a home is built, a professionally licensed electrician in Carmel, together with strict building codes, will virtually assure a safe and secure electrical system in a home. Assuming nobody tampers with the wiring, even homes built in the 1900s should be perfectly safe even today. But, since the majority of individuals can’t do without most modern appliances, nearly all homes undergo a change of their original wiring. The problems usually arise as a result of upgrades in electrical wiring not done right. This is why it is best to call professionally licensed electrical technicians to handle any upgrade.

Another common issue is the unfortunate habit of making use of aluminum wiring, though this was prevalent during the 70s. When it is heated or cooled, aluminum wiring undergoes expansion and contraction resulting in loose connections that are very dangerous. Copper pigtails should be used to retrofit aluminum wiring to prevent any loose connections.

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