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Deciding Between New Wood Floors and Floor Repair in NYC

Wood flooring can take an ordinary apartment or home and make it look stunning. If you’re looking for wood flooring repair in NYC or wondering if you should just install new wood floors, you probably have a lot of questions on your mind. The question as to whether you should replace or buy new wood floors is not a simple one, so keep the following information in mind as you make your decision.

Are the Floors Salvageable?
Figure out if your existing wood floors are salvageable. Sometimes people would love to restore their old floors, especially if the floors are original to the home. Sometimes, however,those floors are not salvageable at all. Speak to a professional to find out if your floors can even be repaired.

Can You Handle the Cost?
Buying brand new wood floors cost more than repairing them, so figure out if you can handle the cost. If you have your heart set on new exotic hardwood floors, and it’s a cost that’s comfortable for you, go ahead and do it. If you look at the cost of brand new floors and find that they’re out of your range, have your floors repaired if they can be.

Consider Your Time
Repairing a wood floor takes a lot of time, so figure out if the time that it would take to remove the furniture, sand the floors, repair them, stain them and coat them is something that fits into your schedule.

Contact New York Wood Flooring to find out more information about wood flooring repair in NYC.

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