Diesel Exhaust And Lung Cancer

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Recent studies have shown that people working in the trucking industry have a higher chance of getting lung cancer than those that are not involved in the industry. The study suggests that after 20 years has elapsed; people working in the industry have an elevated risk of diesel exhaust cancer and the risk rises year after year. The study included not only long haul truck drivers but others working in industries where they too were exposed to diesel exhaust, industries such as longshoremen and those who drive delivery trucks.

The EPA report:

Diesel fumes come from long haul trucks as well as large earth moving equipment, farm tractors and even family cars. Diesel exhaust is a toxic mixture of many chemicals including lead, cyanide, arsenic and more. These chemicals enter and accumulate in the lungs, high concentrations are known to be the cause of respiratory conditions; people suffering from asthma, heart disease etc will experience elevated conditions which, over time, can lead to lung cancer.

Even back as far as 2002 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) were reporting that long term exposure to diesel fumes was linked to diesel exhaust cancer.

The trucking industries own study:

The results of the EPA study were denied by diesel engine manufactures, claiming that the results were based on exhaust from older engines. The manufacturers went on to say that new generation engines generated far less exhaust. The EPA rebutted this statement saying the conclusions drawn were applicable to current day engines.

The trucking industry sponsored study in 2009; the work records of over 31 thousand people involved in the trucking industry back to 1985 were examined. According to this study, over 4300 workers died and between 1985 and 2000, a fifteen year period, close to 780 deaths was attributed to cancer.

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