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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Hiring Construction Management Contractors in Wisconsin

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Hiring Construction Management Contractors in Wisconsin

For residential or commercial construction projects on a large scale, the general contractor has to be an experienced, established contractor with a network of subcontractors who are able to get the job done. Often construction management contractors are hired by bid price alone, which can lead to significant problems as the construction gets underway.

To ensure your Wisconsin construction project is managed by a general contractor specializing in commercial property, here are some common mistakes made by inexperienced contractors. Spotting these signs when considering hiring construction management contractors will help you to avoid wasting your time in working with these businesses.

Incomplete Bid

It is essential that the bid is complete and contain written information about the full scope of the services offered by the construction management service. This includes all aspects of pre-project planning as well as tasks completed during the construction and throughout the process.

Incomplete information on bids can be a sign of an inexperienced general contractor, and it can result in very costly budget extensions as services are continually added on and billed.

Licensed and Registered at the Time of the Bid

Make sure that all construction management contractors are licensed to do business in Wisconsin or in your local area at the time of the bid. The licensing is important as not all contractors can be registered in all areas, there are specific requirements they will need to provide to obtain this licensing and registration.

The bid should include information about the subcontractors that will be used for the project. An inexperienced or less professional contractor may try to cut costs and corners by using subcontractors that are the lowest cost. When this occurs, it is much more likely that poor quality materials and workmanship will be a factor in your construction project.

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