Different Types of Insurance Agents & Which Type of Agent You Should Choose

It can be very overwhelming trying to figure out what type of insurance you should get. There are so many options available that it can be incredibly confusing to pick just one for your needs. To make things even more difficult, you also need to choose the right insurance agent in Denver, CO who can provide you with what you need. They can help you go through your various coverage options so that you can pick the best one, according to Allstate. To help you out, we’ll list a few different types of agents and why you may want to choose one over the others.

Direct Provider Agents
These are agents who only sell insurance for a specific insurance company or group of insurance companies. That means they are only allowed to give you one quote for any insurance policy. The insurance company will pay them a commission based on your policy’s total price. Often, these kinds of agents advertise their services on national television. One advantage that they have is that they are knowledgeable of local insurance requirements. Thus, they can assist clients in choosing the best coverage based on that location.

Independent Agents
These types of agents can represent one or more different insurance agencies at a time. Thus, he or she can shop your insurance rate around all the different companies that they are representing. They are thus best able to find a plan that will work best with your budget. As with direct provider agents, the insurance companies also give them a commission based on the policies that they successfully sell.

Insurance Brokers
These are similar to independent agents, but they represent the customer instead of the insurance companies.

Only you can decide on the best insurance agent in Denver, CO for yourself. Make sure to take another good look at the tips we’ve outlined before you make a final choice. With the proper research, you’ll be able to find the right one that can help you out.

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