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Do You Know When You Need an Air Powered Vacuum Conveyor?

When looking for a new system, you want to find one that is sanitary, efficient, and safe. As time goes on, you will have to start looking at new systems. As we all know, technology changes and you will eventually have to replace your old system with a new one. When looking for a new system, you may be surprised by all the options that are now available. If you are not entirely sure if you need a vacuum conveyor, after looking through all the options, these few reasons why you would need any pneumatic conveying system may be of help.

  • Pressure Dilute Phase. This conveyor system is one of the most common types for powder processing. Keep in mind that they are usually used for powders where degradation, abrasiveness, and separation are not a concern.
  • Pressure Dense Phase. This conveyor system is great for fragile material moving over a long distance. If your job does not require long distance transportation, this may not be the one you need.
  • Vacuum Dilute Phase. There are two different types of vacuum systems available. This conveyor system is used in similar jobs as a dilute phase conveyor system. What makes it different is that a filter receiver used for vacuum is required. This system moves materials over a shorter distance and at lower capacities.
  • Vacuum Dense Phase. This phase is also used for fragile materials. Like the above vacuum system, this system is also used for shorter distances.

Do You Know When You Need to Use a Pneumatic Conveying System?

Pneumatic conveying systems, whether you choose an air powered vacuum conveyor or a pressure dilute conveyor system, are great for certain processes and jobs. These systems are low maintenance and are more sanitary than other systems. When using a pneumatic conveying system, you will want to use them where powder processors are needed. These industries include:

  • Food
  • Dairy
  • Infant Formula
  • Nutritional Powders
  • And more

These industries need high-functioning, low maintenance, sanitary conveying systems to run properly, and these systems are what work best. An air powered vacuum conveyor may be the best option for you depending on the industry that you are in. If you have decided that a vacuum system is most likely the best for your industry, give Cyclonaire a call today, and they will help you find the right options and type of conveyor system for you.

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