Do You Need a Divorce Attorney in Mequon, WI?

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Law Services

If you need a divorce attorney in Mequon, WI, you want to review the services offered by such firms as Fraker Law Firm, S.C. One type of divorce option is a collaborative divorce. If you hire a divorce attorney for this type of remedy, then you may want to end the marriage more amicably.

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce, which is also called collaborative law, is a divorce process in which you and your spouse negotiate a workable and agreeable settlement with the help of an attorney. In other words, both you and your spouse hire collaborative attorneys to advise and help you in the negotiation.

During the process, both you and your spouse meet separately with your own divorce attorney and then the four of you also meet on a regular basis. A collaborative divorce also may include other professionals, such as accountants or child custody specialists, each of whom are devoted to settling your divorce without the need for litigation. View website for experienced divorce attorneys in Mequon, WI

A Simpler Way to End a Marriage

Ordinarily, both the spouses and attorneys sign an agreement that requires the legal representatives to withdraw from a case if a settlement cannot be reached, meaning the case ends up going to court. If you pursue a collaborative divorce, you will still have to have to make contact with a family court to legally divorce. However, through collaboration, you can maintain contact that makes the process more manageable and brief. Once you reach an agreement, you can make your divorce an uncontested and simple legal action that does not require a trial.

The Benefits

A collaborative divorce offers several benefits, such as the following:

  • It stabilizes a situation by way of a temporary agreement.
  • The exchange of information is voluntary.
  • All legal procedures are completed to streamline the process.
  • Decisions can be made on how to manage post-divorce outcomes.

If you wish to save time and money and lessen the stress that divorce entails, you may want to end your marriage using collaborative law.

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