Do You Need An Attorney To Appeal A Denial Of Your Disability Claim?

There are no specific requirements that state that you must engage the services of a Social Security attorney in Orange if your claim for disability benefits was denied and you wish to lodge an appeal. However, as the laws, rules, and regulations that govern Social Security are quite complex, your chances of winning an appeal are far better when you are represented by a knowledgeable attorney. Statistics show that those who reach the hearing level are twice as likely to be granted benefits when they do have an attorney.

The first level of appeal is simply a request for reconsideration. As nothing has changed, chances of having the decision to deny benefits overcome are small. The next stage is a hearing in the presence of an administrative law judge. During the hearing, which actually is quite informal, you will be given the opportunity to present medical evidence to support your claim. The judge uses the evidence that was submitted with your initial claim as well as any new supporting evidence when assessing the viability of your disability. At the hearing, the judge may invite medical and occupational experts to question you as well.

Preparing you for the hearing:

Even though the hearing is quite informal, it can still be intimidating to those not accustomed to dealing with legal formalities. Chances are you will be nervous; as a result, you may make errors when questions are asked. A Social Security attorney in Orange has been through many hearings, he or she is familiar with the process and knows what to expect. This insight can help you allay any fears that you might be harboring.

Your attorney will practice with you; he or she will ask questions that the judge will probably ask and help you with the answers that you should give. There is little doubt that the best way to get approved for disability benefits is to be prepared to answer all the questions honestly and with no trepidation.

If you have been denied disability benefits, you should hire a Social Security attorney in Orange to help you through the appeals process. You are invited to discuss your case with The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen.

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