Do You Need An SSI in Bethlehem?

The office of Social Security handles two major programs based on one’s disability, SSI and SSDI. Depending on which one you qualify for, you might need an SSI in Bethlehem. These lawyers will help you figure out exactly what you qualify for; they’ll also help you negotiate with the Social Security office to get your maximum benefits. They’ll help you accumulate the different resources you need for the best chance at a successful benefits application. First, you need to know if you even need one of these attorneys. To determine that, you need to understand the difference between SSI and SSDI.

What’s the Difference?

SSDI is a benefit that you earn based on mental and physical impairments. These impairments have to be severe enough that you cannot engage in work at all. In addition, these impairments must be projected to last for longer than a year or to result in death. SSDI can be paid to those who cannot work. As with the standard retirement benefits, it can be paid to widows, widowers, and children as well.

SSI, on the other hand, is only for those 65 and older. To qualify, you must be disabled based on the same parameters as SSDI. Disabled children qualify as well. The main difference is that one must be low-income for SSI. An SSI in Bethlehem can further explain the differences and who qualifies.

Can Someone Qualify for Both?

Theoretically, one can qualify for both but you will only receive benefits from one program. You will likely want to apply for the program that offers you the greatest benefits. An SSI can advise you on which program you qualify for and which one will offer you the best benefits.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

It might seem like the parameters are pretty straightforward and you won’t need an attorney. However, any time you’re dealing with a government office can be incredibly complicated. There are dozens of forms and regulations you have to adhere to, as well as different time frames and legal ramifications. You are going to need an attorney just to tell you what you need to bring to make the case for yourself.

You should be warned that an SSI disability claim can take quite a while to be processed. It sometimes takes over three years. An SSDI claim, depending on the circumstances, can be much quicker. That’s one of the reasons an attorney is so important. Your attorney will also be the one making the case to the social security office that you deserve these benefits. Not all cases are successful, but you have a much better chance of success with a capable SSI on your side.

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