Do Your Garden Shrubs in Holmdel, NJ Need Shaping?

Most homeowners know the advantages of pruning shrubbery. Not only do the plants thrive but they often display bigger blooms. However, they are often ill-equipped to take on the task themselves. When it comes to this type of activity, it is better to call out a professional.

Why You Should Have Your Plants Trimmed and Pruned by Professionals

Having your garden shrubs in Holmdel, NJ shaped and pruned by an expert is the best way to ensure their overall health and attractiveness. Tree trimming and shrub pruning professionals know how to time it so that your plants receive pruning at the right times of the year.

For example, garden shrubs that display blooms on new branches that grow in the spring and flower in summer should be trimmed and pruned at the end of February or in early March. While taking this approach results in fewer blooms, the flowers that grow will be larger. That is because pruning allocates more energy among fewer buds, which enables the ones that are left to receive more nourishment.

Making Selective Cuts

When garden shrubs are pruned and shaped, selective cuts need to be made. That is why, again, many people leave this type of work to tree trimming professionals. Selective cutting allows a pruned and shaped shrub to grow more hardily while the less vital wood is removed. When cuts are made properly, they will heal faster as well.

If cuts are not made correctly, rotting can occur, which can defeat the purpose of the activity. In addition, if a cut is made too low, the buds on the plant can dry out. If the cut it made at too wide an angle, the surface area will be slower to heal, which can also be an invitation for disease.

Make the decision to enliven the looks of your plants by calling on the services of professionals in the tree trimming field.

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