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Does Your Child Need Orthodontic Treatment in Vancouver WA?

Does Your Child Need Orthodontic Treatment in Vancouver WA?

There are multiple signs that can warn a parent their child needs Orthodontic Treatment in Vancouver WA. Being aware of these signs will help parents to gain control of their child’s oral health and ensure they receive the right treatment, at the correct age.

Signs a Child May Need Braces

With Orthodontic Treatment in Vancouver WA, parents can rest assured their child’s oral health will be protected and their smile will be kept beautiful. Alignment issues not only bring on self-esteem problems, but they can also cause uneven wear and tear and problems with chewing. The following are some of the most common signs a child needs orthodontic care.

  • The way the teeth meet is an important indicator of whether a child needs orthodontic treatment. If the bite is open or the teeth are too far behind or in front of the others, this likely means there are jaw alignment issues present.
  • If a child is consistently biting their cheeks, gums, or the roof of their mouth while eating, this is a sign they may need orthodontic intervention. Waiting too long to seek treatment will only result in worsened problems.
  • Children who are experiencing uneven wear on their teeth likely have alignment issues that need to be addressed. Waiting too long to seek orthodontic intervention will only lead to increased problems with damage.
  • When a child is having trouble biting or chewing while eating, it would be wise to bring them in for an orthodontic evaluation. With an examination, X-rays, and impressions, the dentist will be able to determine if the child is a good candidate for braces.

What Happens With Braces?

Braces have come a long way since they were first introduced. Today, children and adults can have braces that are much smaller and less intrusive. When a child gets braces, the arch-wires will be used to align their teeth. These are changed every few weeks as adjustments are made to the braces.

If you believe your child may need braces, Contact Mill Plain Dental Center. Call them today to schedule a consultation appointment for an evaluation. They will work to ensure your child’s teeth are properly aligned.

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