Does Your Dentist Pamper You?

If you want to be pampered and have dental work at the same time it can be done. New York spa dentistry is designed to do just that, you no longer have to suffer any anxiety when it is time for your dental appointment, as a matter of fact with the relaxing services that dental spas offer, you might find yourself looking forward, rather than dreading, your next appointment.

Spa dentistry, actually spas in general are rather new trends that attempt to combine the best of a posh spa along with professional dental procedures. The objective is to put the patient at ease and fully relaxed and it is done in a spa-like atmosphere even though it is a dental office.

New York spa dentistry goes a long way to make a dental appointment less distressing and it is done by offering a wide range of complimentary services that can include a massaging dental chair, a heated blanket and scented pillow as well as soothing music played through headphones, hand massage and aromatherapy. In some spa dental facilities you will find freshly brewed tea, water features and even hot stone massage. If a dentist’s visit is something that you dread then you really must try a dental spa, it is a great way of taking time out for yourself and having your dental work done at the same time.

Of course it is not the dentist or the dental assistants that perform the spa services, the dental spa is a collaborative effort between the dentist and those who offer services such as skin care, massage, facials and even makeup and hair.

The nice thing about spa dentistry is the “whole body care” approach rather than simply focusing attention on general dentistry like checkups and cleanings as well as cosmetic services such as whitening, crowns, veneers, etc. The fact that the patient is totally relaxed makes it very much easier for the dentist to perform the exams and procedures that have to be done.

In many cases New York spa dentistry offers a “menu” of spa services that the patient can pick and choose from, for those who decide to take a day away from the office they can arrange a number of spa services along with their dental needs. Other patients who cannot afford the luxury of a day off can arrange for perhaps a neck and shoulder massage while they have their teeth attended to.

New York spa dentistry marries the best of both worlds; high quality dental care and relaxing spa services. Dr. Shekib uses techniques which are compatible with whole body wellness, all of which are safe for body and mouth.

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