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Dog-Friendly Living Room Furniture in San Francisco

Dog-Friendly Living Room Furniture in San Francisco

Dogs love sharing furniture with their family members. Because of this, you’ll need to make sure that your couches and chairs are dog-friendly.

If you aren’t sure which types of fabrics and styles are best for people with dogs, visit a furniture store in San Francisco to find out what your options are. In the meantime, here are some suggestions for dog-friendly furniture choices.

Upholstery Type

If your dog plans on spending lots of time on your couch, consider purchasing one with genuine leather or faux leather upholstery. These materials do not hold on to pet odors as soft fabrics do.

After your dog gets off the couch, simply take a damp cloth and wipe it down. This will remove any telltale odors that your pet has left behind. If pet odors aren’t a concern to you, consider microfiber upholstery. This type of fabric is warm and cozy and is a great choice for senior dogs with joint problems.

Metal Legs

If your dog is still a puppy and in the “chewing stage,” living room furniture with metal legs are good choices. If you opt for furniture with wooden legs, your dog may chew them up and get injured by a splinter.

In addition to its durability, metal has an unpleasant taste, which will discourage your dog from chewing. Metal legs on furniture should also be considered if your dog has accidents in the house. If the dog urinates on or around the metal legs of the furniture, cleaning the urine will be quick and easy.

To learn more about pet-friendly living room furniture options, visit a furniture store in San Francisco.

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